Feng Shui:

Out for Blood

So, some time ago I asked the fine folks at Atlas Games if I could write a supplement for Feng Shui. They said, 'Sure, shy not. Just don't charge for it'. Thus, it lay in gestation, then draft form for months and months. Now I've finally finished it.

It's framed as a GM's guide for Feng Shui, as a counterpart to Golden Comeback, but there's plenty of new schticks and things in it for all the family.

I also intend for it to be something of a living rule-book, incorporating contributed material on an ad-hoc basis if I think it'll fit the overall brief. The content is licensed under Creative Commons, anyway, so you can do what you will with the original parts.

Oh, it's got stats for the Four Monarchs in it. I hope you like big numbers.